Video about Provost Street mosaic

Residents of 47 Provost Street, Hackney, can now enjoy a striking mosaic in the entrance hall of their block.

It was designed by Peabody’s Resident Involvement Manager, Sue Penrose, while local residents, aged 7 to 70, helped to create the 26,000-piece artwork alongside Peabody volunteers.

The mosaic was unveiled at a ceremony hosted by Peabody’s new Chair Lord Kerslake and the Speaker of Hackney, Councillor Sade Etti (you can watch the video above).

Lord Kerslake said: “At Peabody, we believe in the power of art to bring people together and the title of the mosaic, ‘Harmony at Number 47’ reflects this. Several residents and Peabody employees were involved in this project, which has helped to create a real sense of belonging, and a stunning artwork that will bring pleasure to residents and visitors for years to come.”

Much-needed colour

The mosaic itself echoes the blue balconies of the surrounding buildings, with circles representing the diversity of people living there.

Nick Hart, Neighbourhood Manager for Provost Street, said: “The mosaic brings a great splash of colour and life to an otherwise gloomy entrance lobby. It is something that will bring pleasure to residents for years to come.”

While Fatima, who lives at Provost Street, said: “The mosaic is just fantastic. I’ve always been interested in art and jumped at the chance to learn something new. Taking part in this project opened my eyes to just how much work is involved in putting something like this together, using an incredible 26,000 individual pieces!

It was a very relaxing process and I feel a great sense of achievement every time I see it.”