Eldon Primary School

This large commission for Eldon Primary School in the centre of Preston, Lancashire, needed to cover a very long narrow space. The Head Teacher wanted something amazing to celebrate the journey they had taken to become a national award-winning school. Something to show colour bursting from the darkness. And something that reflected the school values, and all that the children loved about the school.

It was a fun process working with the children’s ideas and incorporating their drawings into the end design, with a theme of 22 large stars across 14-metres of wall, each star containing something of significance to the children or the school.

I used lots of mirror in the design so that it really sparkled, and a special method of sandblasting lettering into the mirror, so that the school values were subtly incorporated in the background. Officially ‘opened’ by the local MP in summer 2018, Eldon’s mosaic certainly brightened up the grey walls!