Most of my mosaics are made to commission for individual clients, so please do contact me if you are interested in a mosaic commission. I also have a few mosaics that you can view and buy from my studio, ‘The Hut’.  A selection of pieces currently available are shown below. If you are not local to Brighton,  I can also send more photographs on request and a price for post and packaging.

Large Mandala #3
Mosaic tiles, glass, copper edging
100cm diameter, £980

Grey ripples, large mirror
Mirror, glass and ceramic mosaic, lead edging
80cm square, £380 (SPECIAL SALE PRICE)

Classic style green and teal mirror
Mirror, mosaic, glass, smalti
30cm diameter, £85

Rainbow mirror, circular
Mosaic tiles, glass
30cm square, £85

Rainbow mirror, rectangular
Mosaic tiles, glass
30cm square, £85

Downs Mirror
Mirror, glass, mosaic, lead edging
30cm square, £85

Beach mirror, blue
Mirror, glass, driftwood, lead edging
50cm by 25cm, £110

Beach mirror, sunset
Mirror, glass, driftwood. Lead edging
50cm by 25cm, £110

Large mosaic dragonfly
Mosaic and glass on outdoor base

Approx 55cm across, £175